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Perisher Historical Society

Published on 10/1/2021


Perisher Historical Society

A Notification from SLOPES

Dear SLOPES Members and Associates

SLOPES has been a strong supporter of the Perisher Historical Society (PHS) since it's incorporation in August 2007.

Over the years we have promoted their events (including the annual Perisher Cup race) and book launches, shared the PHS Newsletters with Clubs, welcomed 

presentations by PHS office bearers at our AGM and encouraged Clubs and their members to join PHS. 

Long-standing President of PHS, Philip Woodman has retired from that role. Congratulations to Philip who (with his wife Pam) is a member of SLOPES Club Ku-Ring-Gai Alpine Lodge. 

Philip's successor is Ashley Blondel who will be widely known to Clubs and their members as the CEO of Perisher Ski Resort from 1996 to 2005/06.

Ashley has sent SLOPES a report on the latest happenings at PHS. A copy is attached.

You are encouraged to read the report. Your attention is drawn to the following taken from the report:

1. Significance of 2022 

2022 will be the 70th anniversary of many important and significant events in the alpine region, providing a great opportunity for research and celebration. The Society also has a new email address,, that we encourage people or organisations to use who would like to contact the Society with offers of documents, photographs, film or video and other material.

2. PHS memberships

Although our current financial year is in its second half, we are pleased to advise that a renewal of a club or individual membership for the remainder of 2021 will also include all of 2022.

The normal membership subscription for the period January 2021 to 31 December 2021 is $35.00 for an Individual, $55 for a Family, and $200 for a Club. A renewed membership will now take in the period to 31 December 2022. 

If you do choose to re-join the Society, payment can be made through the Society website. Simply go to and click on the “About” section on the Home Page and look for the drop down “Membership” title. Click on it and you will access the payment system. 

3. New PHS website -

Since 2019, the website,, has undergone significant development and continues to evolve almost monthly. We are proud of its new content and the ease in moving around the site. We recommend you visit it and do so on a regular basis, particularly as we envisage that it will become our primary avenue of communication and information. It has extensive timelines for many aspects of the Perisher Range’s history, stories, people, structures and events. 

4. Contributing to PHS

We encourage existing and new members and supporters to consider contributing by standing for election as office bearers and committee members of the Society. Our mandate and purpose in being is not just for older generations with long memories or experiences of the past, because the present and the future also need to be documented and the stories told and shared. 

The Society offers members, families, supporters and friends an avenue to pursue an interest in recording, researching and writing about alpine and snowsports history, whether past or present. 

We have a team of mentors who can and will offer encouragement and guidance where required. Contact us on

The Full Historical Society 2021 Report to SLOPES


Frank Zipfinger